My passion is to assist companies improve ROI by engaging teams, discovering client needs, and delivering services and outcomes they value. I do this by helping leaders with a broad range of strategic initiatives – such as, improving staffing, increasing profitability, reducing expenses, leveraging technology, improving processes, reducing risk, ensuring regulatory and legal compliance, and extending leadership capacity.

The tools I use are connected to professional and personal interests in writing, productivity, creativity, building teams and driving excellent customer service.

Be More Effective Today

The bottom line is that you want to be more effective. You can be more effective today. It starts with a few simple choices, using a system, embedding improvements in your daily workflow, and following daily routines and disciplines. There are many different productivity systems available: Franklin/Covey, Getting Things Done, Zen To Done, Don’t Break […]

Leaders Must Choose

Leaders Must Choose

When working with leaders I frequently come across decision making dilemmas. What to do? How to choose? What options to follow? The use of discretion compounds this. Leadership discretion is the freedom to decide or to choose what to do in a particular situation. It should be noted, the freedom to choose is different from […]

On-boarding Blueprint to Drive Performance

On-boarding is not just for others. Consider use of an on-boarding plan that works for you personally as well as for other leaders in your organization. Also, on-boarding is not just for new leaders. An on-boarding plan can be followed to revitalize current leaders, for leaders in transition, and to leverage oneself to a higher […]

Deliver Excellent Customer Service With A SNAP

Customer Service is the foundation for all our successes. This book provides insights into a simple communication technique to dramatically improve customer service. You can find out more here.

Turnover Reports

Leadership Development Planning

This free 8-page white paper will walk you though some key considerations when you are faced with developing an approach for a leadership development initiative. This white paper is designed to prompt discussion and ideas. Enter your name and email address to download the white paper.