Be More Effective Today

The bottom line is that you want to be more effective.

You can be more effective today. It starts with a few simple choices, using a system, embedding improvements in your daily workflow, and following daily routines and disciplines.

There are many different productivity systems available: Franklin/Covey, Getting Things Done, Zen To Done, Don’t Break The Chain, The Action Method and many approaches for the To Do List. With so many options available, it is reasonable for each of us to find one that fits our needs. Or, to customize an approach that meets your individual situation.

And, there are many tools out there that support the various systems. Some are paper based, some are available as applications, as mobile apps or as web services. Look at tools like Don’t Forget The Milk, Nozbe, Toodledo, Basecamp, OneNote, Google Tasks, Outlook Tasks, and many, many others.

Be More Effective Today (BMET) is not a system and is not a tool. Meaning, you can Be More Effective Today using your favorite productivity system and using your favorite productivity tool set. BMET is all about action and results. The three main parts are:

1. Prepare

2. Action

3. Record

Be More Effective Today is a methodology that embraces systems and tools, and allows the user to focus on daily success.

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