Turnover Reports

Frequently, turnover reports are overlooked. While they give us dramatically, powerful information, it is all too easy to use them to punish leaders for undesired outcomes, or to somehow choose to not believe what the data is actually telling us. These reports are power tools, and when used effectively, they add dramatic insights into the management of any business or unit.

Strategic analysis can be done using high level data; look for trends and include discussions around these trends in corporate and business unit level planning and goal setting.

Operational insights can also be gleaned from turnover data. Reporting to very granular levels adds many different dimensions to what we can learn. Add as many differentiators so the data has robust meaning. Typically, most turnover reports tell us the rate of departure. See below for some comments on types of details to include. Also, seriously consider including employee peroformance data, such as high, medium or low performance.

Enhance with market data so that your turnover data has a broader context. What do the numbers mean, not only internally, but in relation to others in your industry or your industry, for example. This can reveal compelling insights.


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