The Predictability Factor: Another View of Change

Change happens. Help your team with change by adding in predictability. Change that is anticipated is less stressful and easier for others to accept. Build predictability into how you design and communicate change. Posted on March 10, 2013 Read more…

Do You Discriminate?

Discrimination happens. The discrimination that must be avoided is discrimination that is illegal and unlawful. When we like one movie over another, we have discriminated. To discriminate is natural and is the basis for decision-making. In this short post we look at how unlawful discrimination can still manifest itself in subtle ways. Look for subtle […]

New Tires and Fear of Change

A flat tire represents the need for a sudden, unexpected change. If I get a flat tire, I welcome the change that comes next — getting a new tire. I don’t welcome the process involved. In business we all know that change will happen. When it is sudden and intrusive, it bothers us. When it […]

Three Little Pigs: Not Just A Children’s Story

The three little pigs are builders. They build houses. Clearly, two of the houses don’t stand up to environmental stresses. One does. The one that survives, took longer to plan and to build. As human resource professionals, take the time to make proper plans and to build programs that have sustainability. Posted on October […]

How is HR Like McDonalds?

McDonald’s sells burgers. However, it really sells customer service. Does your team proactively determine its service levels and then put approaches in place to deliver? In this short post we look at setting expectations for the customer and then having service plans in place to meet those expectations. Posted on September 24, 2012 Read […]

When Cultures Collide, Be Aware of Assumptions

Culture, diversity and assumptions. In this short post we look at the assumptions we make, and the impact these assumptions can have on the culture of our organization. And, how these assumptions play into our personal and professional relationships. Before taking action, or questioning what someone else is doing, test your assumptions. Posted on […]

Employee Engagement: All About The Team

Engaged employees take action; they take the initiative. When managers are interested in engaging employees, they may be faced with two paths. Either “do for” the employees, or support the employees so they “can do” for themselves. Engaged employees are empowered. What do you do? This short post provides some insight into how you can […]

Prioritize with Pareto

We are all faced with the need to prioritize. Pareto, or the 80/20 rule, is a strategic tool that will help you determine where to start. Use data to find trends, to find out where the priority opportunities can be found. This short post provides insights into using the 80/20 rule to leverage your resources […]